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How is your sump pump working?

If you’ve ever experienced a flooded basement, you already know how much damage it can cause. Even a small amount of water leaking into your basement can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention hazardous mold and mildew growth.

If your basement is at risk of flooding, a sump pump is generally considered to be the best safeguard. Anyone who has a sump pump also needs a battery backup sump pump. At some point the main pump will fail as a result of a power outage, main pump failure, float switch failure or the inability to keep up with the incoming water capacity. A backup pump is an inexpensive insurance policy eliminating the headaches and cost associated with a flooded basement.

Though sump pumps are generally installed to prevent basement flooding, they can also be used to ameliorate dampness by lowering the water table under the foundation.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we specialize in and frequently perform sump pump installations, so you can rest assured that your sump pump will be installed by an experienced member of our staff. After a survey of your home’s environment and construction, we will recommend the best product to secure your home and belongings against water damage.

Whether you have already suffered the misfortune of basement flooding or just want to make sure you never do, we can help. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact our Ben Franklin Plumbing Company in DeKalb today!

Ben Franklin Plumbing, Certified Perma-Liner Installer, at the Wisconsin State Capital building in Madison.

The roof drains out in the balcony in front of the Governor’s office in Madison were leaking rain water into the building every time it rained. The cost to repair this if done conventionally would have exceeded $850,000.

Ben Franklin Plumbing was able to fix the problem by lining the drains for $48,000, saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the Cured In Place liner system. Also the job was completed in less than a week with minimal business interruptions.

Watch our video below to see how Ben Franklin Plumbing can save YOU time and money fixing your sewer drains WITHOUT DIGGING!

Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place System

How the Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place Works

Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place system is the alternative to digging and replacing sewer branch lines from residential and commercial properties around the world! No other system can match the ease of installation and quality materials available from Perma-Liner Industries, Inc.

A project can be completed in less than one day. The line is cleaned and inspected with a mini inspection system. The measurement of the lateral length is taken. The Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place uses a PU coated needle felt tube, referred to as Navi Liner. The tubular material is impregnated with a two part 100% solids epoxy resin. The impregnated tube is pulled into place allowing the resin to bond and seal with the existing host.

Your lateral is then put back into operation that same day!

No Digging!
The Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place Pipelining System is 100% trenchless.
No digging up floors, landscaping or tearing up walls.

Ability to line around multiple bends and vertical stacks
while stopping and starting anywhere in the line.


Click Here to view Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place System brochure

Ben Franklin Plumbing

Watch the video below to see Ben Franklin Plumbing
fixing a burst pipe.

We can help YOU too!

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