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For more than 50 years the Carpenter family has served homes and businesses in the DeKalb County area with quality products and services. Founded in 1949 by Walter Carpenter the company began as Service Gas. Now in its third generation the Carpenter family has moved on from the propane gas business and offers complete electrical, plumbing and HVAC products and services.

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Ben Franklin Plumbing and Perma-Liner fix Elburn Fire Dept. Sewer Line

The main drain lines in the Elburn Fire Department were backing up, causing a big mess in the firehouse that is normally spotless.  Fire Chief Tate Hayle contacted Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois to repair the main drain that ran through the middle of the firehouse garage floor.

Ben Franklin Plumbing was able to make the repairs without any disruption of the important work of the firefighters. The fire trucks were even called out on an emergency while the work was being completed. The trucks got dispatched the public was protected and the the main drain was repaired with no disruptions, thanks to Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois and Perma-Liner trenchless technology.


Ben Franklin Plumbing Eliminates Need to Tear Up Rt. 25 in Geneva

The City of Geneva recommended Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois to a builder who needed to line a sewer pipe located under Rt. 25 in Geneva, Illinois. The 100 year old home that sat on the property was being torn down and a new home was being constructed in its place.

The builder would have had to dig up Rt. 25 and replace the old sewer pipe made of clay tile. This process would have required an IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) permit because Rt. 25 is a state highway and it would have had to been closed to traffic while the work was being done.

Ben Franklin Plumbing was able to clean and line the old cracked and crumbling pipe that was full of debris instead, using their Perma-Liner pipe lining system, eliminating the need to tear up Rt. 25 in Geneva. Several months worth of time and thousands of real dollars were saved by use of the innovative Perma-Liner technology. Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois is proud to be the certified Perma-Liner installer for all of Northern Illinois. Videos of before and after were taken and shown to the happy customer (see Continue Reading link). Click here to learn more about the Perma-Liner solution.


A Summer of Swimming Saved with Perma-Liner

The Downers Grove Swim and Racquet Club, constructed in the early 1950’s, their main pool which holds approximately 190,000 gallons of water. The pool was leaking thousands of gallons per day. One of the leaks was coming from the main drain system, a 40 foot long, 10 inch ductile iron drain line under 5 FEET of concrete.

This water leak was costing them thousands of dollars in water and chemicals every year. The water level in the pool would drop as much as four inches overnight. The club president Gordon B. contacted Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois to fix the problem with their Perma-Liner pipeline system.

The Cortland, Il. based Ben Franklin Plumbing contacted Perma-Liner Corporate direct and flew out representatives to help with this high-profile project. They had only one chance to get it right otherwise they would be jackhammering up the bottom of the pool.

“Our staff successfully installed over 40 feet of the Perma-Liner midline lining product and fixed the pool without having to tear it up,” said Mark Carpenter, of Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois, “saving the club not only lots of money, but a whole summer of swimming too!”

Call Ben Franklin Plumbing today to discuss your pipe leak situation and see how they can help you save money and time!

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Saving Taxpayers’ Money By Using Trenchless Technology

The City of Naperville is committed to eliminating sanitary sewer backups that are caused by heavy rainfall. Backups occur during heavy rains because water enters the sanitary sewer system through cracks and other defects in sewer mains, manholes, and residential service laterals.

Residential service laterals are a major point of entry for unwanted rainwater and groundwater. Naperville is using cured-in-place-pipelining (CIPP) to create a strong, durable, and seamless lining inside of the existing residential service laterals. This three-step process involves very little excavation. Trenchless no-dig technologies are more cost-effective and less disruptive than conventional excavation.

The City of Naperville’s Department of Public Utilities-Water is now in the tenth year of a comprehensive sewer rehabilitation program using trenchless technology to line their sewer systems. Sanitary sewer rehabilitation is already paying off. The ongoing elimination of groundwater infiltration has resulted in a measurable decrease in incoming flow at the Springbrook wastewater treatment plant, which translates into lower operating costs for the facility.


Perma-Liner™ is the Industry leader in manufacturing Municipal lining products.
Perma-Liner™ has developed a non-intrusive way to correct Main Line Sewer Pipeline and Lateral Pipeline connection problems. The 100% Epoxy InnerSealTM resin technology has excellent bonding properties and does not contain styrene. The Epoxy resin will not shrink and will seal water infiltration during the entire process!

Call Ben Franklin Plumbing today to see how we can reduce costs for your municipality too! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois is proud to be a certified Perma-Liner installer for Chicago and all of Chicagoland including Naperville, Yorkville, Aurora, Downers Grove and all of the Fox Valley area.


Trenchless Sewer Repairs!

Has Your Home Experienced Any of These Troubles?
Drains that empty slowly?
Drains that give off an odor?
Drains that gurgle or bubble?
Toilets that often clog?
Toilets that overflow?

If so, it may be a warning sign that your main sewer line could back up.
Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois can help! Ben Franklin is an authorized Perma-Liner installer and can fix your sewer line

Perma-Liner – Trenchless Sewer Repair

Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place system is the alternative to digging and replacing sewer branch lines from
residential and commercial properties around the world.

No Digging!
The Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place Pipelining System is 100% trenchless.
No digging up floors, landscaping or tearing up walls.

Ability to line around multiple bends and vertical stacks
while stopping and starting anywhere in the line.

Call us today to learn more!

For Homeowners Who Use Well Water

The Sanitizer™ water conditioning system is recognized for its unique ability to kill and remove iron and sulfur bacteria — a naturally-occurring bacteria that can incubate and grow in water softener beds and other water appliances. Most homeowners experience this problem as red or black slime and stains on plumbing fixtures, and foul smells when opening a tap.The system safely creates chlorine from the softener’s brine solution.

The dissolved chlorine then sanitizes the media bed with each regeneration ofthe system. An exclusive crystalline media acts as a superior filter and softener that removes iron,manganese and hardness — while raising pH to acceptable levels and securing chlorine for continued media sanitizing.

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